A Good Mix at the Gallery!

New opening on friday the 23rd of february, time 17-20.


On the menu we have the french artist Michèle Uzac directly from the art3F show in Paris.

New work from Svanhild Stub and Haze Westerlund and also a lot of wonderful art from our popular artists like Grus Lindgren, Elizabeth Williams, Gunnvor Sørhus, Timo Airaksinen and many more.

A warm welcome in to find your own favorite artist at our gallery.

Refreshments & snacks on the house


GAC Art Gallery, Calle Quemada 8-10 (one street above Plaza Picasso), Old Town, Fuengirola.

Season opening at the gallery – Friday the 26th of january, 17-20

New exhibition with a great mix from our international artists.

Don´t miss Nina Pauloff and her photo serie Astral Venus

Enjoy Elizabeth Williams magic beaches and Tore Lines landscape paintings.


Also work from; Grus Lindgren, Joanna Pyrskala, Peter D Visser, Philippine von Krusenstierna, Haze Westerlund, M Henni and more.


Refreshments and snacks on the house.



Last days before X-mas;

mon 18/12 and wed 20/12, 11-15

Do your christmas shopping at the gallery.
Here you´ll find beautiful, atmosphericand fun gifts 
at great prices in a lovely environment, 
completely free from any kind of christmas stress.

Gingerbread cookies and refreshments on the house.


We also would like to wish all art lovers
A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!
(We´re closed during the period 21/12 – 7/1)

Grus Lindgren At The Gallery – 24th November, 17-20

New Opening – Grus Lindgren at the Gallery!

Friday the 24th of november, 17-20
Fuengirolas fantastic favorite artist and future world star exhibits.
Be sure to acquire some of his work and make a good investment before prices hits the roof.

We´ve also got the awarded photographer Nina Pauloff from Finland who shows her Astral Venus serie.
There might be a musical surprise as well.

Snacks and refreshments will be available.

Welcome to a smorgasbord for all art lovers (and others as well)!