Next event will be January 25.


Kimi. Digital art on canvas. Haze Westerlund

January Exhibition with new exiting artworks!

Opens at 17:00 with drinks and snacks.

Open for business


art gallery

art gallery

New season and new events. Yesterday we open the doors for this season. Great event with happy artists and buyers. The Art show will continue to November 18 when our next event will take place.

Thank’s all for visiting and support our artists.

Our most popular artist, Grus Lindgren, sweden.

Open for business

Holidays are soon over.


Artist Robert Pressing, Sweden

Welcome back to Costa del Sol and GAC!

August is soon over and we will reopen the gallery after our holiday break. I know that some of you artists out there have made new awesome art ready to be delivered before September 14.

We  officially have the grand opening day Friday September 16.

# Holidays are soon over.