FAQ – Gallery Art Club

If you are an artist and want to apply to Gallery Art Clubs exhibitions you need to email us info about your artwork and attach a picture.


How often will you have exhibitions?

Exhibitions are ongoing from September to June. Events/Vernissage is once a month minimum.

How much will it cost an artist to participate in your exhibitions?

A donation of 100€ per unit for a 2 month exhibition. It will include two advertised events with drinks and snacks.
Please contact us by email for more info.

Is it possible to rent the Gallery for private or group exhibitions?

Yes it is possible. You can rent a part or the whole Gallery area except for the information desk and storage room.
We will always have one person in the Gallery as the local is shared with a magazine and radio station.
We can also offer “Vernissage packages” ready to use.
Please contact us for more info.

How do I deliver my artworks?

To start with you need to write the artworks name on the back so we can identify it.
All hanging objects shall have a secure hanging wire or similar ready to use.
The artist deliver and pick up their art at the Gallery on our opening hours.
All artworks should be listed together with a short Biography of the artist.
Our street is closed for traffic after 11 but you can stop at the red light and we help you from there.

Just found out that some of you don´t really know the word Vernissage, Finissage and Midissage.

I can understand that as its not in the UK dictionary but you find it on Wikipedia with this explanation:
A vernissage (varnishing, from French) is a term used for a preview of an art exhibition, which may be private, before the formal opening.
If the vernissage is not open to the public, but only for invited guests, it is often called a private view.
At official exhibitions in the nineteenth century, such as the Royal Academy summer exhibition, artists would give a finishing touch to their works by varnishing them. The custom of patrons and the élite of visiting the academies during the varnishing day prior to the formal opening of the exhibition gave rise to the tradition of celebrating the completion of an art work or a series of art works with friends and sponsors. In the twentieth century it became an opportunity to market the works on view to buyers and critics.
There is a comparable ceremonial ending of art exhibitions, called a Finissage. Larger art exhibitions also may have an event at half time of the exhibition called a Midissage. These latter terms are rare in English; they are more commonly used in German but not in French.

FAQ – Gallery Art Club