Next event will be January 25.


Kimi. Digital art on canvas. Haze Westerlund

January Exhibition with new exiting artworks!

Opens at 17:00 with drinks and snacks.

Fantastic start on our opening event.

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Our Opening event Nov 28  together with the Swedish magazine had around 500 happy visitors. Our Vernissage  Nov 29 was not that successful but over 50 a sunny day is not bad.  We look forward to see you on our public opening hours, or if you like to book a private visit for you or a group of people.

Fantastic start on our opening event.

Anna-Maija Reés


Anna-Maija Reés

Anna-Maija Reés, born in Helsinki, Finland, is architect and sculptor. She finished her Masters in Polytechnical University of Lund, Sweden 1982. 1994 she entered in an art school in Lübeck, Germany, to study ceramics and sculpture.

Since then she has combined her two professions ‘which go hand in hand’, as she expresses it. ‘Both professions are integrated with mathematics, volumes, understanding of materials and esthetics.’

During her carrier as sculptor, she has expressed her creativity in materials like, ceramics, bronze and stone. In her latest abstractions she uses stainless steel, giving new dimensions for her work.

Her sculptures are related to nature, partly consisting of impressionist forms and in the other hand of the principles of Fibonacci code and the golden ratio.



Anna-Maija Reés